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November 3rd, 2020

My son turned six recently.  He loooooooves Spongebob.  So I decided to make Spongebob cake for his birthday.  For a non-baker person like me,  I must say it was a challenging project.

Face : bake a sponge in a square shaped mold

Eyes: bake chocolate cookies shaped like eyes, then decorate with blue and white frosting

Eyelashes and noses: store-bought chocolate sticks and cookies

Mouth: chocoate pencil

Teeth: marshmallows

Pants: bake a chocolate cake (I used the rectangle one for regular pound cake )

Legs: store bought cookies

Shoes: bake brownies shaped like shoes

When I started to carve the pineapple, it was about time to pick up the birthday boy from his school, so that I couldn’t add the chimney to the house.  Planning and time management is my weakness.

My son enjoyed the cake very much, but he also said, “there is no hole in the nose of Spongebob." 

 I thought that was hilarious.